Graduate Qualities and Journalism Curriculum Renewal: Balancing Tertiary Expectations and Industry Needs in a Changing Environment

August 23, 2013

Background to the Abstract

This project explores the attitudes of universities and media organisations towards journalism curriculum renewal. In part, the project is inspired by an apparent schism that exists between some journalists and editors on the one hand, and journalism academics on the other regarding the role of journalism training and education, specifically, where it should most appropriately be taught – in-house, that is by the media organisation, within a university environment, or elsewhere. This project provides the first comprehensive analysis of the journalism education sector in Australia to consider the question of curriculum renewal and the relationship between universities and industry on a national scale. The timing of this project was fortuitous, given the impact of technological innovation and economic restructures on journalism worldwide and the consequent impact of these changes on the following questions:

(1) What is a journalist?
(2) What skills are required to become a journalist?
(3) How can those skills be acquired or developed?


Professor Stephen Tanner, Dr Marcus O’Donnell, Associate Professor Trevor Cullen, Professor Kerry Green.

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