Policing mental illness and the media: The framing of mental health crisis encounters and Police force by Dr Katrina Clifford

December 1, 2021

| Book Review by Prof Trevor Cullen - December 2021.

The publication of Policing, Mental Illness and Media is timely. The frequency of fatal confrontations between police and mentally ill people is rising and is a real problem for police to respond to, for the media to report accurately and fairly, and for the wider society to properly understand.

But Clifford is clear her aim is not ‘to pass judgement’ or ‘seek to remedy the injustices’ but ‘to start a conversation and arrive at a more fulsome understanding of the relationship between policing, mental illness and media’ and to do so amid a complex interaction of politics and a professional culture undergoing accelerating change.


Cullen, T. (2021): Australian Journalism Review. 43 (2) pp. 273–274.

About the Author

Dr. Trevor Cullen is Honorary Professor of Health Journalism at Edith Cowan University and Chair of the 2025 World Journalism Education Congress.

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