CREATEC presentation presented on April 23rd, 2008.

This talk detailed the origins and development of a new teaching and learning project in CMM31113/4114 - Health journalism. This unit - the only one of its kind to be taught at tertiary level in Australia - has three assignments that try to develop the research, analytical and writing skills of the students. The third assignment involves writing a ‘human interest’ feature article about living with cancer.

The top 20 articles will be edited and published in a book by the Solaris Care Foundation, and circulated throughout the country. This project shows how an assignment can create practical outcomes for all concerned - the students, the health department and people living with cancer.

Also presented at Eculture conference 5th November 2008 and at the Journalism Education Association Conference (JEA), Wollongong University, NSW, 30th November.


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