CREATEC presentation on October 22nd, 2008.

This paper discusses the future funding of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. This issue was hotly debated at the XV11 International AIDS Conference in Mexico City from 3 - 8th August, 2008. More than 22,000 delegates from 180 countries attended the five-day conference and prominent guest speakers included BanKi moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations and Bill Clinton, the former US President.

The author went as a media delegate and interviewed a wide range of specialists and activists. Those opposed to future funding argue that the disease does not deserve the substantial extra resources it receives compared with other health issues. For example, in 2008, HIV programs consumed around a quarter of international health-care aid. Those that support greater funding argue that HIV/AIDS remains a leading cause of death in high prevalence countries, and represents a global health and development emergency with 7,500 new infections each day. Also, they highlight that HIV programs have done much to improve the health-care infrastructure in many underdeveloped countries.

While the debate continues, the current global financial crisis will inevitably impact on funding for HIV/AIDS programs in 2009 and beyond.


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